Five tips to getting started!

Five tips to getting started!

I love a great event just as the next person. Nothing’s more exciting than walking into a done up room to see the key details that bring it all together. Maybe your bestie is getting married, or your planning your own milestone birthday. Whatever the event, it’s important to be smart about the process so you’re not stuck out of money and ideas. Events can be stressful, but they’re more stressful when you haven’t planned accordingly. Of course, this is where I recommend leaving it to a professional (shameless plug), but if that’s not an option, here are some tips for getting started.

  1. Focus on your purpose

It’s really important that you have a clear idea of what the purpose of your event is. I know this can sound somewhat strange, but there’s nothing worse than a directionless event. Have you ever gone to a function only to find yourself really confused about what the theme is or exactly is going on? Maybe you’ve chalked that up to disorganization. If you simply ask yourself what the purpose of your event is and why is it important to your audience, you’ll be able to easily create an appealing campaign to draw people in.

2. Money makes the world go round

If anyone can tell you it’s possible to do less with more, it’s me. A group of my peers and I were able to raise over $4400.00 for the Children’s Wish Foundation by throwing a gala on zero dollars. Yes, you read that right…a group of planners-to-be did it with no budget. You can do this on a small budget!

The key is to decide what is most important to the event and the overall experience. If food is a must have and your budget is just a little too tight for an open bar, try offering a drink ticket to each guest or wine on the tables at dinner. This will offer you the most control when it comes to managing your costs with alcohol. My other piece of advice is to reach out to community partners that may have a vested interest in your cause. Are you an influencer with a large audience? Promote them! Are you a photographer with an incredible portfolio? Maybe that startup bakery is willing to trade services. Collaboration is key!

3. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no

One thing I wish I knew when I planned my wedding was that everything is negotiable. Don’t get me wrong, you should pay for the services you request but there may be little things you can add to your contracts that you didn’t know you could.

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